Festival for Playful Public Spaces


Tracking Play


Format: Conversation

  • August 10, 2012 21:00 – 21:30

and-or (CH)


and-or is an artgroup specializing in media art and gameArt. The group consists of René Bauer, Beat Suter and Mirjam Weder. The group operates since 2001 from Zurich, Switzerland. and-or explores new modes of interactivity and concreativity between machines and their human users. Simple but distinct concepts become game prototypes or playful media art. Digital data is everywhere these days but its impact often is not considered. We make this data and its impact visible to everyone, we question it and open up a discourse on digital boundaries.

Markus Montola (FI)

Markus Montola is a game researcher currently working on his dissertation on role-playing and pervasive games, funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation. During the last couple of years he has worked at Grey Area Labs, Nokia Research Center and University of Tampere Gamelab. Among other things, he has worked with pervasive games in Integrated Project on Pervasive Gaming (IPerG), which ran from October 2004 to February 2008. He has also worked on four books; Pervasive Games, Nordic Larp, Playground Worlds and Beyond Role and Play. Currently he is working as a gameplay designer on the mobile MMORPG Shadow Cities.

Gabe Smedresman (US)


Hi there! I’m a San Francisco-based designer and coder with a passion for games, real-world data, interactive narrative, maps, public space and theater — and the intersections between them. My work has been covered in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the San Francisco Chronicle (three times!), Fox News, Forbes, Boing Boing, Gizmodo, and leading technology blogs, and has been played and interacted with by tens of thousands of enthusiastic players and audience members. I’ve had the privilege of raising funding for creative works in which I’ve participated from esteemed groups such as Will Wright’s games company Stupid Fun Club, The Go Game, and elite Silicon Valley investors. I think that interactive media is transforming our culture in every way, and my work, along with many others’, lives on this frontier. I strive for simple, compelling, relevant ideas, expressed clearly, and executed with polish, flair, character, beauty, joy and truth.

plan b (UK)


plan b sind die englischen Künstler Sophia New und Daniel Belasco Rogers. Seit 2003 (Daniel) und 2007 (Sophia) haben plan b jede tägliche Bewegung mittels GPS-Technologie aufgenommen und gespeichert. Ergebnisse davon sind in Festivals, Galerien und unter http://planbperformance.net/index.php?id=gps zu sehen. In ihren performance Arbeit erforschen sie Themen wie die Dynamik von Gesprächen, Gesang, Geständnissen und Radfahren. Außerdem arbeiten sie in den Bereichen Performance, Installation, Neue Medien, Bildende Kunst und geben Workshops. Seit der Gründung von plan b 2000 haben sie mehr aus 25 Projekte entwickelt, die in über 27 unterschiedliche Städte und zu sehen sind.