Festival for Playful Public Spaces


Speed Gardening Guerilla

Speed Gardening Guerrilla is a short-term variant of the original Gardening Guerrilla (which has a duration of 2 - 6 months). The players assign themselves to one of three factions. The faction that manages to raise the plant with the longest stem during the game wins. Speed Gardening Guerilla is also suitable for game environments where players switch in and out of the game at will. Instructions to play on your own: Photo by Honor the Gift, taken from and used under a CC-Attribution-Non-Commercial licence.


Format: Game
Introduction: sign up at counter Thr. 15:30 & 17: 30, Fr. 15:30, Sat. 14:30 & Sun. 12:00, 10-20 players, drop-in any time possible, Finals on Sunday

  • August 09, 2012 17:30 – 18:00
  • August 10, 2012 15:30 – 16:00
  • August 11, 2012 14:30 – 15:00
  • August 12, 2012 12:00 – 12:30, 16:00 – 16:30

Michael Straeubig (DE)

Besides designing games like "Tidy City", "Eine gegen Eine" (one of the Weilburger Sieben) and "Secret City" (developed by sprylab), I usually do mostly not-so-serious things. My interests include event games, board games, puzzles, alternate reality games, computer and video games, location based games, augmented reality games, currently not-even-thinkable games, game research, media art, robotics, interfaces, artificial intelligence and autopoietic machines. Speaking appearances / workshops: AR World, Hyperkult, Droidcon Berlin & Tunis, Quo Vadis Deutsche Gamestage, SIGINT, Easterhegg, gpn, Weilburger Spielautorentage. Numerous visits at Hackathons and Game Jams like: Ludum dare, Global Game Jam, Music Hackday, Google IO 2011 (ADK Showcase). Initiator and Co-Organizer of the first German location at a Global Game Jam 2009. Lecturer for Gamedesign at Leuphana University L√ľneburg 2012.