Festival for Playful Public Spaces


Play anytime: Tiny Games, Urban Hacking Games, Speed Gardening Guerilla, S.O.S., Turtle Wushu, Smartphone Games, GPS-Tracking

To play independently, please ask at the festival counter:
Tiny Games
Urban Hacking Games
Speed Guerilla Gardening
Turtle Wushu

Information on downloadable smartphone games will also be made available at the festival counter.

GPS tracking of players in the Festival

Specially for Playpublik, plan b are sharing their practice of being able to see the 'drawing of their lives' with visitors to the festival. 9 GPSs are available to be taken out and record your movements while you participate in the festival's outdoor projects. These tracks will be made into a growing animation of how, when and where the playpublik festival moves. By the end, a unique, collaborative portrait of the festival will be generated. Concept: plan b animation software: avp::ptr


Format: Game

  • August 09, 2012 16:30 – 20:00
  • August 10, 2012 14:00 – 19:30
  • August 11, 2012 12:00 – 23:30
  • August 12, 2012 11:00 – 17:00

Invisible Playground (DE)


Invisible Playground entwickelt Spiele für Städte. Mit ortsspezifischen Street-, Audio- und Transmedia-Games macht das Team aus Künstlern, Designern und Wissenschaftlern die Stadt zur Plattform für spielerische Erfahrungen. Ortsspezifisch heißt, dass soziale Dynamiken, technische Infrastrukturen und Architekturen als Grundlage von Spielen verwendet werden. Die Teilnehmer erhalten Zugang zu den verborgenen Spielplätzen inmitten von Alltagsumgebungen. Invisible Playground arbeitet an großen und kleinen Projekten international mit Theatern, Museen und Festivals zusammen und veranstaltet selbst regelmäßig Workshops, Open Playgrounds und Street-Games-Festivals wie You Are GO! in Berlin (2011). Nach der Gründung im Jahr 2009 hat sich die Gruppe stetig weiterentwickelt und zu einem Kollektiv mit sieben festen Mitgliedern formiert. Neben der Präsenz auf künstlerischen und kulturellen Plattformen entwickelt die Gruppe auch anspruchsvolle spielerische Formate im kommerziellen Umfeld.

and-or (CH)


and-or is an artgroup specializing in media art and gameArt. The group consists of René Bauer, Beat Suter and Mirjam Weder. The group operates since 2001 from Zurich, Switzerland. and-or explores new modes of interactivity and concreativity between machines and their human users. Simple but distinct concepts become game prototypes or playful media art. Digital data is everywhere these days but its impact often is not considered. We make this data and its impact visible to everyone, we question it and open up a discourse on digital boundaries.

Florian Rivière (FR)


Florian Rivière is an "urban hacktivist". He founded and led from 2008 to 2012 the collective “Democratie Creative” very active in the public space of Strasbourg. Inspired by the hacker culture, he reinvests and diverts public space to allow citizens to reclaim their environment. His interventions, located between urban design "Do It Yourself" and upcycling (upgrading waste), have the particularity to be spontaneous and raw, exclusively made with objects found in the street, and always with humor. Games, furnishings, traps, maps, instructions ... : so many urban tactics to show the functionality of sites, and direct action of the user on urban space.

Michael Straeubig (DE)


Besides designing games like "Tidy City", "Eine gegen Eine" (one of the Weilburger Sieben) and "Secret City" (developed by sprylab), I usually do mostly not-so-serious things. My interests include event games, board games, puzzles, alternate reality games, computer and video games, location based games, augmented reality games, currently not-even-thinkable games, game research, media art, robotics, interfaces, artificial intelligence and autopoietic machines. Speaking appearances / workshops: AR World, Hyperkult, Droidcon Berlin & Tunis, Quo Vadis Deutsche Gamestage, SIGINT, Easterhegg, gpn, Weilburger Spielautorentage. Numerous visits at Hackathons and Game Jams like: Ludum dare, Global Game Jam, Music Hackday, Google IO 2011 (ADK Showcase). Initiator and Co-Organizer of the first German location at a Global Game Jam 2009. Lecturer for Gamedesign at Leuphana University Lüneburg 2012.

Hide & Seek (UK)


Hide&Seek is a London-based game design studio. We founded the UK’s first festival of pervasive games in London in 2007, which is now the Hide&Seek Weekender, taking place every summer on London’s South Bank. We run the Sandpit, a series of events around the UK and a thriving network of artists, game designers and players. And we create social games and playful experiences for clients in the commercial, public and cultural sectors. Our values are centred around our belief that play, as a theme, a way of being, and design tool, is integral to understanding how culture will develop in the 21st century.

plan b (UK)


plan b sind die englischen Künstler Sophia New und Daniel Belasco Rogers. Seit 2003 (Daniel) und 2007 (Sophia) haben plan b jede tägliche Bewegung mittels GPS-Technologie aufgenommen und gespeichert. Ergebnisse davon sind in Festivals, Galerien und unter http://planbperformance.net/index.php?id=gps zu sehen. In ihren performance Arbeit erforschen sie Themen wie die Dynamik von Gesprächen, Gesang, Geständnissen und Radfahren. Außerdem arbeiten sie in den Bereichen Performance, Installation, Neue Medien, Bildende Kunst und geben Workshops. Seit der Gründung von plan b 2000 haben sie mehr aus 25 Projekte entwickelt, die in über 27 unterschiedliche Städte und zu sehen sind.