Festival for Playful Public Spaces


This Land is Your Land

This land is yours now, can you make it be the nation you deserve? Work together to save your nation from slipping away while you try to build Utopia on its shores. But can you survive with your morals intact? This game is part of the development of Early Days of a Better Nation - an interactive theatrical experience which has played out at BAC in London and Welsh National Theatre in Cardiff. Players take control of the events to try to beat the NOTE: We’ll be talking about the ongoing process of making Early Days of a Better Nation at 4:30pm.


Format: Game
sign up at counter, 30-60 players

  • August 11, 2012 15:00 – 16:00

Coney (UK)


Coney is here represented by Annette Mees & Minkette

Annette Mees makes immersive theatre, interactive experiences and adventures. She is one of the artistic co-directors of Coney. Coney tells stories where the audience can become the heroes, and which are always live and responsive and an adventure. Coney's work mixes live performance and play with digital and online storytelling. Coney has made work for and with The National Theatre, Kensington Palace, Tate Britain, The Dublin Fringe Festival, 01SJ San Jose Biennial, Bains Numeriques in Paris, BAC London, Channel 4 and many others.

Minkette designs games and interactive experiences, with the aim of encouraging the audience to play with ideas they ordinarily wouldn't think to play with. Her mission is to work in every games industry there is, so far she has infiltrated those of alternate reality games, street games, iPhone games, educational online drama, interactive fiction, board games, immersive theatre, web games and pretending to be people on Twitter. http://minkette.co.uk/