Festival for Playful Public Spaces


Tectonic Shifts in the Wiggle Room: Transformations of the Public Playscape in Postindustrial Society

In the last 30 years the wiggle room for large swathes of the population has been greatly reduced, which shows itself exemplarily in the emergence of the zero-tolerance paradigm – a policy that was developed in the fight against urban games and literally aims at eliminating play in large portions of the social machinery. At the same time, the leeway at the upper end of the social spectrum has been greatly expanded, a development that paradigmatically shows itself in the deregulation of capital markets. Both developments are informed by digital media that shift the relationship between fantasy and reality, thereby opening up new degrees of freedom while closing traditional ones and reconfiguring the public playscape of postindustrial society.


Format: Talk

  • August 12, 2012 16:00 – 16:30

Mark Butler (DE)

Mark Butler is a cultural scientist, futurologist, and research associate at the Department of European Media Studies at the Institute of Art and Media of Potsdam University. He has worked extensively on the culture of computer game-playing and is in the process of publishing his Ph.D. on playful techniques of the self. Butler is a founding editor of the peer-reviewed journal ilinx – Berliner Beiträge zur Kulturwissenschaft and a member of the Digital Games Research Network.