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SpySchool Masterclass

Welcome to SpySchool Masterclass – here we train real spies! Who hasn't dreamt of being a spy? To pass on secret messages, wearing a grey coat and a fake identity? This is your chance – come to SpySchool and learn how it is done. Find out who is on your side and expose your opponents through subtle gestures and team work. And of course it is all just harmless training... or is it?


Format: Game
sign up at counter, 40 players

  • August 11, 2012 16:30 – 17:00

Jana Wendler (DE) @

Jana Wendler is a PhD researcher in Human Geography at the University of Manchester, UK. She calls herself a somewhat accidental Geographer with a background in Politics and Philosophy, a Masters degree in Environmental Governance and an interest in creative approaches to sustainable living. In the past, she has researched food issues and conservation in rural India, nature interpretation in Scottish National Parks, and she has worked as a project management assistant in environmental education. She loves all kinds of games, and plays and occasionally designs pervasive games with Larkin About in Manchester. Wendler is also a volunteer for Cracking Good Food, helped to co-organise CityCamp Manchester, and has recently become a member of the Geography Collective, who are dedicated to exploration, intervention and play in everyday settings.