Festival for Playful Public Spaces


Power Up, Built In: The Politics Of Gameful Spaces

Architecture - a designed space - not only reveals the aesthetic-formal preferences of our architects and of ourselves. Architecture also speaks of power, of material culture, of desires. As Georges Bataille would have said it: architecture is a manifestation of social structuration, cementing an existing order. With games and types of gamefulness transgressing the everyday, often claiming to be disruptions of existing orders and spatial situations - aren't they themselves just installing counter orders? And if yes: what are the agendas, what do these games reveal about their designers and about ourselves? In this talk, we will start to scrutinize these new rules of 'playcemaking.'


Format: Talk

  • August 09, 2012 19:00 – 19:30

Steffen P Walz (DE)

spw.playbe.com @@playbe

Steffen is a Vice-Chancellor's Senior Research Fellow at RMIT University, Australia. He is the founder--director of RMIT's Games & Experimental Entertainment Laboratory as well as the director of RMIT's GEElab Europe in Stuttgart, Germany, see www.geelab.rmit.edu.au. Steffen is an award winning game & interaction designer, an internationally recognized scholar & book author, a business consultant & an entrepreneur with a background in computer aided architectural design, cultural anthropology, creative web direction, TV satire writing, entertainment media production as well as attempted pop music stardom. Steffen earned his doctoral degree from the ETH Zurich in Switzerland, having researched the future of games and game-like activities across spaces and media. Not only has Steffen been creating several pioneering projects, e.g. the first urban exploration game service for tourists,http://rexplorer.arch.ethz.ch; or the first gamified website that can be navigated by playing arcade games at http://spw.playbe.com; or the first musician’s website to offer end customers the possibility to “pay what you like” at http://www.strom-musik.de in 2004. Steffen has also been providing strategy and design consulting with regards to game thinking and serious games. He is co-editor of "Space Time Play. Computer Games, Architecture and Urbanism: The Next Level" and author of "Toward a Ludic Architecture. The Space of Play and Games", published by the ETC Press. Steffen enjoys playing music, playing games and playing playing.