Festival for Playful Public Spaces


P.I.G.S. and Athens Plaython

Four different pig tribes fight to ensure their place in the Garden. It is not a matter of innocence, it is not a matter of justice, it’s a cruel survival game and that’s all that counts. Save yourself and your team by eliminating the alleged apple thieves of the other pig tribes. Elimination through photos, locative based strategy, hidden information and cooperation. Which team will be the one to stay in the Garden? A game about smartphones, guilt, scapegoats and stolen apples in the streets of Athens.


Format: Talk

  • August 12, 2012 12:00 – 12:30

Athens Plaython (GR)


Athens Plaython is a new group that brings to Athens city a festival of big urban games, played on the streets, walls and squares of the city. In September 2012 we will host a series of urban games using innovative technologies and game design workshops for kids and adults. Reclaiming the city as a game space and providing opportunities for creativity and cooperation is one of our scopes. Maria Saridaki is exploring game design and play between worlds. She is a researcher at the University of Athens - www.media.uoa.gr , a research and education manager at Athens Plaython - www.athensplaython.org  and a proud member of the Playopticons Team - www.playopticons.com . Her research interest lies in games based learning for students with and without disabilities, propaganda games as well as transmedia storytelling of old myths with new media.  Chloe Varelidi is a game designer and educator. She works at Mozilla  by day and runs Athens Plaython  by night, a street games festival that takes place in her hometown of Athens, Greece. Previously, Chloe was a founding staff at the Institute of Play  and a Creative Director at MissionLab, a game design studio located within the Quest To Learn  school in New York.