Festival for Playful Public Spaces


Mr. Cube

The worlds most advanced artificial intelligence is placed in a cube. It is said that the cube has the answer to the perfect cybernetic loop which is the foundation for human evolution. That is why it must be protected at all cost. The Cyborg Corporation guard their masterpiece with determination. They guard Mr. Cube.

A not-for-profit media organisation called MikiLeaks has secretly planned to steal Mr. Cube and leak the confidential code pattern of the cybernetic loop. They believe that public transparency is the only way to secure a fair use of the cybernetic loop. The Cyborg Corporation fear that the knowledge will fall into the wrong hands.

MikiLeaks has recived a tip from an unknown source with a schematic on how to understand Mr. Cube. It states that to learn the pattern of the cybernetic loop Mr. Cube has to be brought to different locations following the will of Mr. Cube. But for MikiLeaks to succed this has to be done without being caught by The Cyborg Corporation.

Game designer: Jakob la Cour
Technical consultant: David Sjunnesson
Android programmer: David Askirk


Format: Game
sign up at counter, 6-14 players

  • August 10, 2012 16:00 – 17:00

Jakob la Cour (DK)


Jakob lectures, educates and do workshops about play in the city, participatory and co-created micro-universes, transmedia storytelling design, acting and personal development. Jakob has been speaking at places like Malmö University about transmedia design, at Metropolis Laboratory about pervasive games in the city and at the Nordic Game Conference about location in trans-reality games. At the Playpublik he presents his game Mr. Cube.