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Monopoly Modding Workshop

Monopoly is the most succesful licenced board game of all the time. Also in the GDR (the former communist part of Germany) it was very popular but the people had no access to the game because it had been forbidden. That led a lot of GDR citizen to copy or re-construct an own monopoly game out of different materials. During this process of re-building the people changed the look, the content and even the game-technics of the original Monopoly – that is what we call Modding today. In our workshop we want to modify an real Monopoly game – restyle it! Change the content! Change the sense! And create your own individual game out of the classic board. We will start with a short introduction pitch, continue with a collective brain storm and finally we have time to mod the game.


Format: Workshop
sign up at counter, 12 participants

  • August 10, 2012 17:00 – 19:00

Kolonne 46 (DE)


Three years ago, Richard Geis and Martin Thiele founded the conceptual art group Kolonne 46 (Colony 46). The independent group’s central interest is the topic of play and its various playful forms in the digital and analog worlds. Some highlights of Kolonne 46’s activities have included the conceptual art exhibit “KunstStillePost” ("ArtTelephoneGame"), the show “Die Drei Affen” (“The Three Monkeys”), and the game/performace “Roland muss auf Klo” (“Roland has to go to the bathroom”), which was also shown last year at the You are GO! Festival, curated by Invisible Playground. The collection “NACHGEMACHT – Spielekopien aus der DDR” (“IMITATIONS: Copied Games from East Germany”) represents a lasting contribution to the treatment of East- and West-German gaming culture, dedicated to the topic of play and games in the German Democratic Republic and approaching it through the lens of cultural history. The Playpublik “Monopoly Modding” workshop developed out of this research on copied games in East Germany. Geis works primarily as a film director and musician, while Thiele works as a media designer and is currently writing his dissertation on this subject. Both of them live in Berlin.