Festival for Playful Public Spaces


Frag mich / Ask me

In front of the Computer Games Museum someone is sitting at a desk, next to him some lettering: “Ask me”, across from him: an empty chair. Have a seat, read the rules – that’s all we’ll reveal until now!


Format: Game

  • August 11, 2012 14:00 – 19:00

Wilma Renfordt (DE)


Wilma Renfordt is a dramaturge, performer, curator and writer. In her work she explores institutionalizations of knowing, identity and societal interaction and searches for ways of breaking with them – often in relation to architecture and public space: How do they restrict what we do, where do they offer possibilities for action? Since 2008 she is a member of theatre company copy & waste, since 2009 she has been working at the project office of Friedrich von Borries. In 2009 together with eight other artists she founded Theorie- und Praxisgemeinschaft Dr. Fahimi, together the group repeatedly works on interactive performances, such as the Social Movement Generator. For Playpublik she has developed her first game: „Frag mich“ („Ask me“)