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Flipside Playtest

A Game of Teleported Reality

In this real-life video game playable exclusively in the streets of Braamfontein (Joburg) and Friedrichshain (Berlin), teams of entertainment producers race to create a completely new kind of TV show: Teleported Reality. Starting in their city, players open up portals enabling them to teleport to the other side. Players piece together reality fragments and props to activate scenes from everyday life in a different city, which they record on video: Players from Friedrichshain can get their hair cut on the pavement or open a spaza shop. Players from Braamfontein can nostalgically remember the absence of advertising in the east, or buy beer in a “Späti”. But watch out – the connection between the two neighbourhoods is only temporary. To avoid being trapped in another world, race back to your layer of reality before the portals closes... or resort to more cold-blooded tactics and sabotage the other teams’ connections.

Flipside is a site-specific game for Braamfontein and Friedrichshain, developed by performance artist Anthea Moys (Joburg) & games collective Invisible Playground (Berlin) together with workshop participants from both cities. Over the course of 3 weeks, 10 young creatives from Vega’s Imagination Lab 2011 and Wits School of the Arts and Digital Arts will be working with Invisible Playground and Anthea Moys in designing the game. The Berlin based elements will be tested during the Playpublik festival on August 9-12. The final version will be released at A MAZE. Interact in Johannesburg. Special thanks to Thorsten Wiedemann for initiating this collaboration.

Check out the Flipside Game Site on tumblr!

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Format: Game
sign up at counter, 15-30 players

  • August 12, 2012 15:00 – 16:00

Anthea Moys (ZA)

Anthea Moys completed her Masters degree at the University of the Witwatersrand in 2008, with a focus on structured play and performance in public space. Her interest in play finds expression in her work through the staging of collaborative site-specific games and performances. Moys has exhibited nationally and internationally and is currently preparing for a series of large-scale performances to take place in 2013. She has also lectured periodically at Wits, UJ and Rhodes. She is currently Vega's Creative Development lecturer in Johannesburg and is interested in the educational capacity of performative play.

Invisible Playground (DE)

Invisible Playground entwickelt Spiele für Städte. Mit ortsspezifischen Street-, Audio- und Transmedia-Games macht das Team aus Künstlern, Designern und Wissenschaftlern die Stadt zur Plattform für spielerische Erfahrungen. Ortsspezifisch heißt, dass soziale Dynamiken, technische Infrastrukturen und Architekturen als Grundlage von Spielen verwendet werden. Die Teilnehmer erhalten Zugang zu den verborgenen Spielplätzen inmitten von Alltagsumgebungen. Invisible Playground arbeitet an großen und kleinen Projekten international mit Theatern, Museen und Festivals zusammen und veranstaltet selbst regelmäßig Workshops, Open Playgrounds und Street-Games-Festivals wie You Are GO! in Berlin (2011). Nach der Gründung im Jahr 2009 hat sich die Gruppe stetig weiterentwickelt und zu einem Kollektiv mit sieben festen Mitgliedern formiert. Neben der Präsenz auf künstlerischen und kulturellen Plattformen entwickelt die Gruppe auch anspruchsvolle spielerische Formate im kommerziellen Umfeld.