Festival for Playful Public Spaces


Einblicke Workshop

"Einblicke/Światopodglady" was a city game played simultaneously in two cities - Łódź and Berlin. The main aim of the project is to connect people from different cities, make them show their cities to each other, find differences and similarities. The aim of players was to find ... the sense of life! Game mechanics was based on 4 "windows" - places connected by videoconference with other city (4 in Łódź and 4 in Berlin)


The workshop held on Playpublik will use the same idea. We will show how it works, tell about advantages and disadvantages of these mechanics. Participants will be asked to introduce their ideas of connecting people within the game. Our goal is to make useful tool to connect people beetween cities.


Format: Workshop

  • August 12, 2012 11:00 – 12:00

Topografie (PL)


TOPOGRAFIE Association is a pioneer in Lodz urban games. Have done over 40 of them since 2008, when our first game had place. The main topics of the games are connected with the city itself - with history, places and people living there. We prefer meeting players face to face, than using high-tech stuff - as we think meeting and interacting with people is the best feature of city games. We are cooperating with different companies and organizations such as city council, pubic transport company, university, museums, theaters, National Centre of Culture and other NGO's. We also try new ways of gaming - long lasting city games (such as educational projects: Mediokracja, Łódźbój) and intercity games played simultaneosly in two or more cities (such as Einblicke played in Łódź and Berlin).