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Early Days of a Better Nation

The past two years have been tumultuous in global politics. Revolution, emerging forms of citizenship and protests against political oppression have reached us through television screens, print and social media. This political unrest inspired Coney to develop Early Days of a Better Nation - a new, large-scale, interactive piece that aims to create a theatrical space where big political ideas can be debated and played out. We want to explore nationhood and national identity through a dynamic combination of theatre, a playing audience, live soundtrack and video projection, and live-streamed social media.

In Coney’s work the audience is placed at the centre of the story - they are the lead character, the heroes. Each night is different because it is responsive to the specific audience that is present and their collective and individual actions. It is about all about them.

This talk touches on our ideas of making a show iteratively. How we combine dramaturgy with game design, behavioural psychology and theatrical tricks. And how we invite a playing audience to be part of the making every step of the way.

NOTE: as part of the development we are playing This Land is Your Land at Playpublik.


Format: Talk

  • August 11, 2012 16:30 – 17:00

Annette Mees - Coney (UK)


Annette Mees is one of the artistic co-directors of Coney. Coney tells stories where the audience can become the heroes, and which are always live and responsive and an adventure. Coney's work mixes live performance and play with digital and online storytelling. Coney is also a community of artists, makers and players, operating as a Secret Society. Which is run by a Rabbit. Of course. Coney has recently been awarded an National Portfolio status by the Arts Council UK.

Within Coney Annette focusses on developing new interactive narratives and experiential models, developing new work with writers and actors, and the integration of digital technology and theatrical live events.

Coney has made work for and with The National Theatre, Kensington Palace, Tate Britain, The Dublin Fringe Festival, 01SJ San Jose Biennial, New Art Gallery Walsall, Bains Numeriques in Paris, BAC London, Channel 4, BBC and many others.