Festival for Playful Public Spaces


Crashtest Nordstadt


Format: Talk

  • August 11, 2012 17:30 – 18:00

matthaei & konsorten (DE)


Since 2000, some 40 works of diverse orientation have been created under the name “matthaei & konsorten”. In addition to productions for the stage, installations and discourse productions, the development and continuing evolution of new formats for urban landscapes has been a focal point of the work for several years. Productions of matthaei & konsorten are therefore to be found in all the places that are also frequented by their players or spectators in their own lives: From the 19th century institute for the blind through the courtyards, kitchens and living rooms of affluent or financially precarious inhabitants of the inner-city to the nearly abandoned, over 600-year-old village right next to the airport noise protection barrier; from a pathological institute built in the days of the city’s rampant growth to the residence for asylum-seekers at a nearly Balkan industrial harbor and on to the abandoned and dilapidated theme park of a former political system; from the cellar, attic and boxes of an old theater to the faded suites of a 1950s luxury hotel from the days when kings and politicians still checked in here; from swingers’ and line-dancing clubs to streets lined with villas and back to the clearly designated art spaces of theaters and cultural institutions. The works of matthaei & konsorten thus draw a map of the present upon which each project exposes and registers a specific location. Coordinates are derived by zooming in on individual lives and the diversity of their habits, the beauty of the particular and the surprising ramifications of the subjective – at the point of intersection between external circumstances and the general narrations within which society seeks reassurance.